Kaleigh M. Duffy, Owner

Kaleigh M. Duffy, Owner
Position: Owner

Hello, I want to start out by saying thank you for visiting this website and for your interest in learning a little bit about me and our wonderful staff here at PGA! I figured, as parents, you wouldn't want to send your children to any facility where your children are going to be taught, inspired, and influenced without getting to know them first. With that being said, I encourage you to take the time to read the staff profile of your gymnast's teacher, and of all our staff employeed here at Prestige Gymnastics! I am proud to have such an enthusiastic and knowledgable group of people who love The Lord working along side of me everyday! Please don't hesistate to pull me aside and come chat with me or any of the other staff around the gym. Our customers are our family and we are anxious to get to know each and every one of you! 

 My name is Kaleigh Marie Duffy and as you know I am the young business owner of Prestige Gymnastics Academy Inc. I was born in 1993 and raised in Fincastle, Virginia by my parents Thomas and Carma Duffy and graduated from Lord Botetourt High School in 2011. Aside from my recent business ventures, I enjoy spending my free time in the outdoors! I love hiking, floating, hunting, fishing, camping, reading in my hammock etc. Anyway to get outside, I will! I love to do crafts, and be creative. My taste in music varies from country to rock 'n roll, to rap and back to bluegrass. I love live music and going to concerts and outdoor festival-type events. I love to read, write, decorate, organize and plan! I have no children of my own, but I have loved kids as long as I can remember and always knew my line of work would involve them.

I have taken gymnastics since I was 2 years old. I have competed both gymnastics and all-star cheer-leading competitively. I am Safety Certified, and a Professional Gymnastics Coach through USAG. I have taken many training/spotting clinics and am currently completing all of the Business Courses that USAG has to offer along with other helpful courses about gymnastics, gym safety, and running a business. I hope to become a USAG Certified Judge in the near future. I feel like no employee, including myself, is ever completely trained, therefore we should all strive to better ourselves and gain more knowledge in our fields.We love attending clinics and traveling to "USAG Congresses" to keep learning and gaining new ideas to better our teaching. 

Growing up I partook in many different types of activities. I have held leadership roles at schools, sang publicly, have participated in many clubs, was a 4-H camp counselor for 5 years, entered various public speaking contests, and also participated in 4-H Lamb Shows.  I consider my self to be well-rounded and a people person; I love to get to know new people and attempt to greatly influence their lives or put a smile on their face as best I can. I try to take on any challenge you give me, and I do my best to meet the needs of this community through volunteering and pitching in when needed.

First and foremost in my life, I am a Christian. I try my hardest to run my life and the business God has blessed me with to glorify The Lord. If you can see God's light shining through me, my employees, and our facility, then I will consider myself successful. Although I am a very young business owner, I am very passionate about what I do and aim to succeed. I have a great support system made up of friends and family who have been there for me all along. They keep me sane and are always there to listen when I need them. They always have great ideas to feed me and are always lifting me up. 

I can honestly say that  I could never be where I am today without the help of my parents and family. My parents were high school sweethearts that have been married since 1989 and have been in love ever since. Anyone who meets them can tell they are just as "head over heels" in love today as they were on their wedding day. Both of my parents have experience owning and running their own businesses and have helped me a great deal with learning the tax and construction side of PGA. My mother is a cosmetologist (at Hair Gallery in Daleville, Va. she's the best-- 540-992-4648) and my father is a business man that works for a company called Vaughn Belting rooted in South Carolina selling large conveyor belts to huge companies such as RR Donnlley, Stihl and more.  I have two younger sisters, Emilee and Jordyn. Emilee is a two time All-Around State Champion in gymnastics and on her third year she received 2nd place by less than half of a tenth of a point. She is currently an instructor at our gym and helps to choreograph our routines. Emilee works with our Competitive Team and coaches are Special Needs gymnastics class. Her main passions aside from gymnastics are Motocross and Sign Language. She is almost fluent in sign language, and is training to be a Christian interpreter for the deaf. She recently has taken up Motocross and has already partook in many races while placing each time, once with a first place trophy! Emilee "Duffy" is now Mrs. Emilee Fitzwater. Emiee and my new brother in law, Sam, got married this past July, honeymooned on a cruise to The Bahamas, and are now enjoying the exciting newlywed life. Jordyn is currently on our gymnastics team, also coaches our Competitive Team, and is leading in both of her sisters footsteps. Her interests, aside from gymnastics, are baking, studying physcial therapy, and accepting leadership roles through the W.E. Skelton 4-H Center in Wirtz, Va. Jordyn has been playing softball since she could walk and was on the LBHS team.She recently decided to take time off to focus on her studies and gymnastics carreer.  She too has a business heart and has a small business baking delicious and beautiful cakes/cupcakes. The business is called Jae Rae Cafe. Sound familiar? Jae Rae Cafe is who your custom cakes will be from at any Prestige Party you host with us! They're both yummy and are wonderfully decorated! 

I look forward to getting to know each and everyone of you and I hope you get to know me as well! I see this business as a family in its own, I have over 400 children, and I hope I am seen as a child to over 400 families. Please continue to keep Prestige and myself in your prayers as we are  aspiring to grow our business more and more each day!

Thank you and Love in Christ,
Kaleigh Marie Duffy