PGA Staff

It's hard not to brag on my staff here in the gym! These coaches put their whole hearts into teaching these kids each and every practice. Not only do they carefully plan out each class to better benefit the child, they teach them so much more than gymnastics at the same time. Life lessons, structure, discipline, and responsibility are things you can expect your child to learn when you take a class at Prestige. Our coaches are all excellent role models for your children and are great individulas for your kiddos to look up to! Our goal is that you will see God's light shining through all of our staff members!

Coaches at Prestige are patient, loving, and full of exciting lesson plans! We work together to hand create each and every lesson plan so that is customized for each class and child. We are all being continuously trained in gymnastics and how to better work with your children.  Here at PGA we believe the training process is never over! We attend workshops, USAG Congresses, training clincs, take tests, watch vidoes and more to ensure that we are ALWAYS providing our customers with the best instruction there is. Many of our coaches are also USAG Certified Professional Coaches, Jr. Professional Coaches, and even Certified Gymnastics Judges! The best part about our coaches is that they are FUN! You can expect an outgoing, exciting, and upbeat class in each practice that will leave your athlete wanting more and more!

As coaches, our number one priority is the safety of your children! We will be watching them, spotting them, and givng them all the right corrections to safely and effectivly progress through the levels. We will never let a child preform a skill that he or she is not physically and mentally prepared for. 

When it comes to the coaches at PGA you can feel free to set the bar high and demand perfection! (Well, maybe something close to prefection!) Our coaches are tough, precise, and specific all while keeping a cool, kid friendly factor that everyone loves! We love feedback and new ideas! So if you ever have any positive (or negative) feedback, constructive critisim, or new ideas for us please never hesisitate to let us know! Don't forget to take part in any evaluation that gets sent out to you so we can keep bettering our gym and coaching! The best way to make our customers happy is to collect their thoughts!

I encourage you to check out your coaches bio below and get to know them! They're pretty cool if I do say so myself!

Owners / Directors

Image of Hailey Middleton, PGA Executive Director at Prestige Gymnastics Academy

Hailey Middleton, PGA Executive Director

My name is Hailey Middleton, I've worked for Prestige Gymnastics Academy for 8 years. I've been in the gymnastics world for over 10 years and love that I have found a way to tie my passion with making an income for my family. I serve as the Executive Director for Prestige Gymnastics, and w...

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Image of Kaleigh M. Duffy, Owner at Prestige Gymnastics Academy

Kaleigh M. Duffy, Owner

Hello, I want to start out by saying thank you for visiting this website and for your interest in learning a little bit about me and our wonderful staff here at PGA! I figured, as parents, you wouldn't want to send your children to any facility where your children are going to be taught, inspire...

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Image of Laura Mitchell, Virtual Assistant at Prestige Gymnastics Academy

Laura Mitchell, Virtual Assistant

Hi, I'm Laura Mitchell, PGA's Virtual Assistant. I handle many of our social media accounts, and websites. I also creates custom flyers, forms, graphics, logos, and a wide variety of digital marketing tools. I am a wife and mom to 3. In addition, I lov...

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Image of Skye Lee, Executive Assistant at Prestige Gymnastics Academy

Skye Lee, Executive Assistant

I'm the only girl in my family, I have three brothers. While in college, I worked on a special assignment with the Secret Service. I met my husband at a car wash in Farmville, VA Growing up, there wasn't a single stoplight in my whole county.

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Image of Stephanie Caldwell, Youngsters Coordinator at Prestige Gymnastics Academy

Stephanie Caldwell, Youngsters Coordinator

Hey everyone! My name is Stephanie, and I did gymnastics in elementary school then cheered after that all the way through college! My hobbies include anything outdoors. I like coaching here at Prestige because I enjoy working with kids and seeing them reach their goal! 

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