The Youngsters Gymnastics

The Youngsters Gymnastics

The youngsters classes at Prestige are filled with obstace courses, tunnels, and exciting themes, but your time spent with us is not all fun and games. Each youngsters curriculum is carefully designed for what kiddos need most at these ages. Not only are they JAM-PACKED with fun, and exciting new activities in each class, they offer extensive physical work on balance, coordination, and motor skills. Sounds great, right? I'm not done yet! Our instructors are instilling intellectual learning into each class! Your little tots will be counting, using shapes, colors, sounds, music, and engaging all five senses. We haven't forgotten about the emotional side either! The youngsters classes offer structure, encourage positive attitudes, dedication, and good listening skills. Our most asked question by parents is, "What can a 3 year old really do at gymnastics?" The answer is, "A LOT," Let us show you!

Mom & Tot I: $30/Month-Ages 12 months-2 years

Mom & Tot II: $45/Month-Ages 2-3 years

General Mom & Tot: $45/Month-Ages 1-3 years 

Preschool: $55/Month-Ages 3-4 years

Advanced Preschool: $55/Month-Ages 3-4 (by recommendation only)